Hire the acknowledged local leader in non-profit fundraising and arts telemarketing. Lynch Resources has developed an integrated approach that emphasizes economy, efficiency and flexibility in managing a successful phone campaign. Our well honed effectiveness in operations and economy in campaign contracting contributes to your increased revenue. Our systems are efficient and produce documented, unparalleled results with custom recruited teams assuring you that your callers believe in your cause. We offer the flexibility in operation non-profits need with both on-site and off-site campaign management available.

Our twenty plus years of non-profit telefunding, principally in Seattle and Portland, include over 150 customized campaigns for symphonies, theatres, museums, and other non-profits. Revenues generated are over $45 million dollars. Our satisfied partnerships include many distinguished charitable organizations in the Pacific Northwest who have relied on us for their telefunding and telemarketing management needs as well as consulting.


Complimentary Evaluation and Benchmarking

Call Kevin Lynch at
(425) 771-0646

Lynch Resources is currently offering a complimentary evaluation of your phone campaign results as well as a set of benchmarks to help you more easily develop efficiency and effectiveness on future campaigns.


"Lynch Resources are not only ethical and conscientious, they produced record breaking revenue on our campaigns.

David Whitehead

Chief Development Officer AARP Foundation, prior Development Director - Nature Conservancy/WA and Children's Museum/Seattle

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